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Your site will be hosted on the best servers on the planet, Amazon's AWS cloud servers. You'll get the fastest speeds and most secure hosting.

Out Sourcing Pro Website Hosting Package


Total Value

Saving $1081/year

The following Plugins are included with our Outsourcing Pro hosting plan plus many, many more:



Saving $1081/year

Have questions?

Don't worry, we have the answer.

Where is your team located?

Just east of Bali in Indonesia. One of my employees back in the day just came home from a Mormon mission in Indonesia. When I needed help he told me to hire his friend who was going to school for Computer Science. He was amazing and we ended up partnering to open our office there.

What days and times does the team work?

We have a day shift and a night shift so we are working 18 hours a day, meaning you get access to not just one POD but two.

How does 1 task at a time work?

You can send us as many tickets at a time. You can even prioritize them so we know which ones to work on first. Your POD will work on one task and when they finish that task they will start another one until their shift is over.

What’s the turnaround time on tasks?

Some graphics are super simple and can be done in as fast as an hour from submission, others can take three hours, some slide desks and eBooks can take a day or two depending on how much content there is. Other technical tasks can be fast and others like a full funnel build can take a day or two. I’ve seen some complex onces take as long as a week.

What if the power goes out?

Our office has back up generators and each computer has a backup power source so if the power does go out, then their computers do not shut down and lose all their work. I learned this the hard way. We’ve only had one issue with this and it was more that the office was flooded from rain due to poor neighborhood planning, but the flood washed away the block wall that caused the flood so that won’t happen again. A fluke accident that no one saw coming because the office is literally on a hill.


What if the internet goes down?

Our office uses three different internet providers just in case one or two go down, at least one will still be working. We haven’t had any issues with this since we got our office in 2018.

How do you prevent them from working for other companies?

Since we have our office we have shift managers that ensure our employees are only working for us. Plus we have a really good culture over there, and everyone is bought into the dream of helping 1,000 business owners scale their business. We have company pride t-shirts that everyone loves wearing, we are a legit business in Indonesia and pay corporate income tax there, everyone has medical, dental, and eye insurance as well. We work towards transforming Indonesian society by bringing more well paid technical jobs. We also hold English classes for our employees and the community.

What if I have a rush job?

You can mark your task as urgent and we will get on that task for you next.

How does Outsourcing PRO’s POD’s actually work?

In your POD you have a real developer that can handle anything Web or Funnel related that you give to us. You also have a highly rated graphic designer that will get used to your style and brand. You also have a VA that can handle any menial task, if the task is too complex then our floor manager will have the developer help them with any complex technical tasks that are assigned to them. You also have your account manager who can act as the go-between if something is hard to explain or we’re not understanding or there’s an issue with the language barrier. They are there to help you figure out how you can offload as many tasks as you can or haven’t thought of yet. Your POD members learn your style and how you want things done they’ll be able to complete your projects even faster. They’re real members of your team and when you have a team firing on all cylinders nothing is impossible. Another thing that will help you get the most out of your POD is how we teach you to submit your requests. Most people have a hard time outsourcing because they don’t use Outsourcing PRO Outsource Implementation Method of communication. You won’t leave anything to question and that eliminates almost all the back and forth that you’re probably used to dealing with.

What if I have an emergency?

We have a cell phone in the office that you can text message us to let us know about the emergency. An example would be you have a quick revision to get done, before going to print like a flyer or something and you're about to board a plane to go to an event that you need that flyer for and you’re freaking out, pulling your hair out not thinking you’ll get this done in time. Then you text us and we stop what we’re doing and work on that for you. This is like having a batphone at your disposal. But remember the boy who cried wolf. If everything you do is an emergency we will start to perceive nothing as an emergency for you. We do have other clients and we can alway push them to the back of the line for everything. We have never had an issue with someone abusing this honor system and we don’t think we ever will, but you know, we have to say it.

What if I don’t like the people assigned in my POD.

This has only happened once since 2018 and it wasn’t anyone's fault. The client just didn’t jive with the designs we were doing. I put the client in another POD with a different designer and the client loved the work. So you are not tied to your POD, if you don’t jive that is okay, just let us know and we’ll get you switched until you're happy.

What if I start and I feel like my tasks are not being done fast enough?

You’ll Get Tasks Completed Faster As Time Goes On, also when your business is growing and you start submitting more tasks you can upgrade at any time and your new pricing will be prorated to what you already paid that month so that you don’t end up paying more than you should and creating a new billing cycle.

Will Outsourcing PRO Work For Me?

Yes, Outsourcing PRO will work for you regardless if ...

  • You tried outsourcing before,

  • If you don’t think you have enough work for them (we will help you identify what you can and should be offloading to us), 

  • Even if your already have a team, we can at least ensure you don’t have to hire again - we’ve even had clients let go of their team to save even more money, 

  • You don’t think you have the funds - one client said they didn’t have the funds but they knew they had to invest or they would never have extra funds by trying to run their business by themselves.

What kind of tasks can you take off my plate?

We can do almost anything for you. We even have a client that’ll take a picture of a business card and ask us to enter it into his crm for him. We literally do any type of graphic design, like... 

  • Digital

  • Print 

  • Websites

  • Web Pages

  • Product Design

  • Offer Stack Graphics Like Cd’s, Dvd’s, Book Covers

  • Blog Post Graphics

  • Social Media Posts

  • Social Media Banners

  • Quote Graphics

  • Icons

  • Basic Logos

  • Business Cards

  • Presentation Slide Decks

  • Direct Mailers

  • Posters

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Infographics

  • Lead Magnets

  • Ebooks

  • And Even Characters

We Also Can Do Any Type Of Web Development On Any Platform Or Coding Language. 

We Do Things Like…

  • Setup Web Pages And Posts

  • Update Web Pages Or Posts

  • Create & Update Landing Pages

  • WordPress Plugin Management

  • WordPress Theme Updates

  • Website Security

  • Increase Website Speed

We Also Do Any Type Of Marketing Tasks Like…

  • Setting Up Sales Funnels

  • Setting Up Broadcast Newsletters

  • Setting Up Drip Campaigns

  • Setting Up Email Opt-in Forms

  • Setting Google Analytics

  • Integrating Site & 3rd Party Tools

  • Setting & Troubleshoot Hosting

  • Scheduling Social Media Posts

  • Setting G Suite Emails

  • Clean Up Data

  • Data Entry

  • And Simple Video Edits

  • Create Ads

So That No Matter What You Need Done We’ll Do It For You.

What kind of tasks don’t you do?

We Do Almost Everything; Except...

  • Write Copy / Content 

  • Do Complex Video Editing (meaning a/b rolls or hollywood style production)

  • Media buying / managing paid ad accounts (we can set up ads in Facebook, Youtube, Google, but we will not manage them like a media buyer would do)

  • Social Media Management (we can post for you but we will not reply to comments or engage with people, unless you request a dedicated VA, price upon request)

Usually because there is too much back and forth with those types of projects before you get a final version that everyone is happy with.

This way you can rely on us to do the heavy lifting with everything else so that you can focus on what requires your superpower like marketing strategies or writing awesome copy, or creating an amazing customer experience for your clients.

Do I have to change what softwares I’m using?

You can continue to use whatever systems you’re currently using.

Because we use almost all of them like... 

  • WordPress…

  • Shopify…

  • Joomla…

  • Kajabi…

  • Teachable

  • Learn Dash

  • Clickfunnels…

  • Infusionsoft/Keap…

  • Kartra…

  • Ontraport…

  • Unbounce…

  • Leadpages…

  • Active Campaign…

  • Mailchimp…

  • Aweber…

  • Getresponse…

  • Constant Contact…

  • Verticalresponse…

  • Getresults…

  • Drip…

  • GoHighLevel…

  • Hubspot…

  • Calendly…

  • Acuity…

  • Schedule Once…

  • AppointmentCore

  • Zapier…

  • Plusthis…

  • Twilio...

  • Stripe…

  • Square

  • Paypal…

  • Woocommerce…

  • Memberships…

  • And So Many More.

And if you are using a software that we are not familiar with, 

which is highly unlikely, most systems are so similar that we can 

easily learn how to use them for you. So you don’t have to switch your systems or softwares to ones that we use.