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The Esthetician Inner Circle is where success happens for your spa business. It's a place where you can finally figure out EVERYTHING you need to know to:
Attract the RIGHT clients, increase visibility, traffic, leads, and sales AND still have a life!

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  • UNLIMITED Access to Training Videos
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For just $9, you’ll get unlimited access to my Esthetician Inner Circle Membership for a full 30 days.

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Unlimited Access to Training Videos

Get Started With These 10 Training Videos After You Sign Up!

5 Simple Rules to Becoming World Class

Learn the 5 essential rules to becoming an elite esthetician and world class business owner.

Tune Up Your Offers, Products & Services

Discover small tweaks you can make to your current offerings to set them apart from the competition.

Tune Up Your Sales & Marketing: Part 1

Learn new marketing strategies and how they can refresh your brand and get fresh eyes on your business. This is part 1 of 2.

Website Strategy

Learn how your website acts as your digital calling card and see how the right strategies can help you yield more traffic and get more business.

How to Create A Lead Magnet

Learn how lead magnets can help you build a community of followers that can be nurtured into customers.

Create Your Client Avatar

Successful marketing targets the right customer. Learn who your ideal customer is and how to customize your marketing to appeal to them.

Tune Up Your Passion

Are you running your business from the heart? Is it fueled with your true passion? Learn how to pinpoint what your passion is and harness it.

Tune Up Your Sales & Marketing: Part 2

Learn new sales strategies and how they can jump start your bottom line and get fresh customers in the door. This is part 2 of 2.

How To Build An Awesome Email List

Learn how to build your email list that serves your customer and offers them a wonderful experience.

Best Practices For Social Media Marketing

Learn 5 essential social media strategies to create a successful online business.

+ New Videos Are Added Each Month To The Library!

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Inner Circle Master Classes

These 45 minute master classes are held every 2nd Monday of the month at 3pm EST. Each month we cover a different platform, skill, or strategy and show you live on-screen how it’s done so that you can easily apply what you’ve learned to your own business.


Digital Library

All of our eBooks, guides, worksheets and checklists assembled together in one tidy library to help you master a specific business marketing platform or skill. Reading and implementing are sure to make marketing efforts more productive and profitable.


Virtual Toolbox

These must have resources will make your life and your marketing easier and more productive. Each of these tools are either currently used or have been used by Maxine Drake and all come highly recommended.


30 Day Trial for Only $9!
(Then only $47 per month after the first 30 days!)


I’m so confident that once you see what’s waiting for you on the other side that you’ll want to continue to be part of this amazing group.

How confident?

If the Esthetician Inner Circle Membership is not a total game changer for your business, just say the word and I’ll even give you your $9 back.

How’s that for a guarantee?

"This membership offers business training broken down into step-by-step, bite-sized pieces.I am talking about easy, simple, bite size training to help you grow your online presence, generate new leads, convert prospects into clients, increase sales, and most of all...END frustration and overwhelm as you grow your esthetic biz... you can quickly learn and apply the lessons to help your business thrive online!”

Maxine DrakeFounder and Chief Inspiration Officer

Esthetician Business Academy/ Esthetician Inner Circle

Quick Recap!

You get 10 training videos (a $684 value!), eBook, guides, worksheets and checklists, monthly training with me and my team, a peek inside my very own digital toolbox, and a whole lot more for $9 for the first 30 days.

…AND a money back guarantee!

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I have now become more energized & passionate about being an Esthetician!

“I love the Esthetician Business Academy Courses created by Maxine Drake.These courses take you through every aspect of how to be a successful Esthetician. Giving step by step details, webinars, conference calls, exposure to other ideas & professionals in the business. I wish there would have been this type of training available when I first became an Esthetician 19 years ago. I have now become more energized & passionate about being an Esthetician at the age of 62, with a new direction in my career. Looking forward to attending The Abundant Esthetician Workshop coming to Phoenix, Arizona and meeting Maxine in person!”

Frances Andreas Fork | LMT & Esthetician
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I can only imagine how my business is going to explode with Maxine in my corner!

“Maxine is a powerhouse of information, inspiration and support. She brings and shares experiences from every corner of the Esthetic industry. I highly recommend attending one of her seminars. You won't be sorry...or bored! I can't wait to sign up for her 12 week course. I can only imagine how my business is going to explode with Maxine in my corner! Thank you Maxine!"

Billy Gillian Cordery | Esthetician
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

It ignited so many ideas that I can implement in my esthetics business right away.

“I have been an Esthetician for over 30 years and I can't stop learning! It ignited so many ideas that I can implement in my Esthetics business right away. It was a very positive step for me as an Esthetician and a human. I realized how valuable it is to have a coach in my life. I loved and enjoyed having the input of all the other Estheticians and all the brainstorming! Thank you Maxine."

Cassandra Schloser | Esthetician

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