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Terms and Conditions Outsourcing Pro

The Site and its Content is owned by Med-Esthetics Consulting, LLC Esthetician Business Academy – Outsourcing Pro (“Corporation”, “we”, or “us”).
The term “you” refers to the visitor or utilizer of Maxine Drake and Esthetician Business Academy (“Site”).

We urge you to read these Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) attentively. We hold the right to modify these Terms and Conditions on the Site at any time without any notice, and through using the Site and its Content you consent to the T&C as they appear, irrespective of whether you have read them. If you disagree with these T&Cs, please do not utilize our Site or its Content.

Site Use and Content

The words, design, layout, graphics, photos, images, information, materials, documents, data, databases and all other information and intellectual property accessible via this Site (“Content”) belongs to us and is safeguarded by United States laws of intellectual property.

If you have purchased a service, program, product or subscription or otherwise entered into a separate agreement with us you will also be subject to the terms of that agreement or those terms of utilize, which shall prevail in the event of a conflict. Online purchases have additional terms of utilize relating to the transaction.

By accessing or using this Site and its Content, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old and that you agree to and to abide by these T&C. Any registration by, utilize of or access to the Site and its Content by anyone under age 18 is unauthorized, unlicensed and in violation of these T&C.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our Limited License to You. This Site and its Content is property solely owned by us and/or our affiliates or licensors unless otherwise noted, and it is safeguarded by copyright, trademark, and other laws of intellectual property.

If you view, purchase or access our Site or any of its Content, you will be considered our Licensee. For the avoidance of doubt, you are granted a revocable, non-transferable license for personal, non-commercial utilize only, limited to you only.

When you purchase or access our Site or any of its Content, you agree that:
You will not copy, duplicate or steal our Site or Content. You understand that doing anything with our Site or its Content that is contrary to these T&C and the limited license we are providing to you herein is considered theft, and we reserve our right to prosecute theft to the full extent of the law.

You are permitted from time to time to download and/or print one copy of individual pages of the Site or its Content, for your personal, non-commercial utilize, provided that you give us full attribution and credit by name, keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices and, if utilized electronically, you must include the link back to the Site page from which the Content was obtained.

You may not in any way at any time utilize, copy, adapt, imply or represent that our Site or its Content is yours or created by you. By downloading, printing, or otherwise using our Site Content for personal utilize you in no way assume any ownership rights of the Content – it is still our property.

You must receive our written permission before using any of our Site Content for your own business utilize or before sharing with others. This means that you may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, market, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email, website, link or any other electronic means) any Site Content becautilize that is considered stealing our work.

We are granting you a limited license to enjoy our Site and its Content for your own personal utilize, not for your own business/commercial utilize or in any that earns you money, unless we give you written permission that you may do so.

As a Licensee, you understand and acknowledge that this Site and its Content have been developed or obtained by us through the investment of significant time, effort, and expense and that this Site and its Content are valuable, special and unique assets of ours which need to be protected from improper and unauthorized utilize. We clearly state that you may not utilize this Site or its Content in a manner that constitutes an infringement of our rights or that has not been authorized by us.

The trademarks and logos displayed on our Site or its Content are trademarks belonging to us unless otherwise indicated. Any utilize including framing, meta tags or other text utilizing these trademarks, or other trademarks displayed, is strictly prohibited without our written permission.

All rights not expressly granted in these terms or any express written license are reserved by us.

Your License to Us

By posting or submitting any material on or through our Site, such as comments, posts, photos, images or videos or other contributions, you are representing that you are the owner of all such materials and you are at least 18 years old.

When you submit to us or post any comment, photo, image, video or any other submission for utilize on or through our Site, you are granting us, and anyone authorized by us, an unlimited, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to utilize, copy, modify, transmit, sell, exploit, create derivative works from, distribute, and/or publicly perform or display such contributions, in whole or in part, in any manner or medium, now known or developed in the future, for any purpose, and granting us the right to make it part of our current or future Site and its Content. This right includes granting us proprietary rights or intellectual property rights under any relevant jurisdiction without any further permission from you or compensation by us to you.

You also grant us, and anyone authorized by us, the right to identify you as the author of any of your comments, posts, photos, images, videos or other contributions by name, email address, or screen name. You acknowledge that we have the right but not the obligation to utilize any contributions from you and that we may elect to cease the utilize of any such contributions on our Site or in our Content at any time for any reason.

Request for Permission to Use Content

Any request for written permission to utilize our Content, or any other intellectual property or property belonging to us, should be made BEFORE you wish to utilize the Content by completing the “Contact Us” form on this Site, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] 

We very clearly state that you may not utilize any Content in any way that is contrary to these T&C unless we have given you specific written permission to do so. If you are granted permission by us, you agree to utilize the specific Content that we allow and ONLY in the ways for which we have given you our written permission. If you choose to utilize the Content in ways that we do not specifically give you written permission, you agree now that you will be treated as if you had copied, duplicated and/or stolen such Content from us, and you consent to immediately stop using such Content and to take whatever actions as we may request and by the methods and in the time frame that we prescribe to protect our intellectual property and ownership rights in our Site and its Content.

Personal Responsibility and Assumption of Risk

As a Licensee, you agree that you are using your judgment in using our Site and its Content and you agree that you are doing so at your own risk. You agree and understand that you assume all risks and no results are guaranteed in any way related to this Site and/or any of its Content. This Site and its Content are merely to provide you with education and tools to help you make your own decisions. You are solely responsible for your actions, decisions, and results based on the utilize, misutilize, or non-utilize of this Site or any of its Content.


Our Site and its Content are for informational and educational purposes only. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we expressly exclude any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by you or others in connection with our Site and its Content, including without limitation any liability for any accidents, delays, injuries, harm, loss, damage, death, lost profits, personal or business interruptions, misapplication of information, physical or mental disease, condition or issue, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual injury or harm, loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, anticipated savings, loss of data, loss of goodwill, wasted time and for any other loss or damage of any kind, however, and whether cautilized by negligence, breach of contract, or otherwise, even if foreseeable. You specifically acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any other Site participant or utilizer, including you.

Legal and Financial Disclaimer.
This Site and its Content are not to be perceived or relied upon in any way as business, financial or legal advice. The information provided on our Site and its Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice that can be provided by your own accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor. We are not giving financial or legal advice in any way. You are hereby advised to consult with your own accountant, lawyer or financial advisor for any and all questions and concerns you have regarding your own income and taxes pertaining to your specific financial and/or legal situation. You agree that we are not responsible for your earnings, the success or failure of your business decisions, the increase or decrease of your finances or income level, or any other result of any kind that you may have as a result of information presented to you through our Site or its Content. You are solely responsible for your results.

Earnings Disclaimer.
You acknowledge that we have not and do not make any representations as to the health physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or health benefits, future income, expenses, sales volume, or potential profitability or loss of any kind that may be derived as a result of your utilize of this Site or its Content. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, positive or negative, financial or otherwise, through the utilize of our Site or its Content and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. We also expressly disclaim responsibility in any way for the choices, actions, results, utilize, misutilize or non-utilize of the information provided or obtained through the utilize of our Site or its Content. You agree that your results are strictly your own and we are not liable or responsible in any way for your results.

Warranties Disclaimer.

Technology Disclaimer.
We try to ensure that the availability and delivery of our Site and its Content are uninterrupted and error-free. However, we cannot guarantee that your access will not be suspended or restricted from time to time, including to allow for repairs, maintenance or updates, although, of course, we will try to limit the frequency and duration of suspension or restriction. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to you for damages or refunds, or for any other recourse, should our Site or its Content become unavailable or access to them become slow or incomplete due to any reason, such as system backup procedures, internet traffic volume, upgrades, overload of requests to the servers, general network failures or delays, or any other cautilize which may from time to time make our Site or its Content inaccessible to you.

Errors and Omissions
We make no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information on our Site or its Content. Every effort has been made to present you with the most accurate, up-to-date information, but becautilize the nature of scientific research is constantly evolving, we cannot be held responsible or accountable for the accuracy of our content. We assume no liability for errors or omissions on the Site, its Content, or in other information referenced by or linked to the site. You acknowledge that such information may contain inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Links to Other Sites
We may provide links and pointers to other websites maintained by third parties which may take you outside of our Site or its Content. These links are provided for your convenience and the inclusion of any link in our Site or its Content to any other website does not imply our endorsement, sponsorship, or approval of that website or its owner. We do not endorse and we are not responsible for the views, opinions, facts, advice, statements, errors or omissions provided by external resources referenced in our Site or its Content, or their accuracy or reliability. We have no control over the contents or functionality of those websites and so we accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, or otherwise, that may arise from your utilize of them. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of those linked websites to confirm that you understand and agree with those policies.

Limitations on Linking and Framing
You may establish a hypertext link to our Site or Content so long as the link does not state or imply any sponsorship, endorsement by, or ownership by in our Site or Content and does not state or imply that we are have sponsored, endorsed or have ownership rights in your website. However, you may not frame or inline link our Content without our written permission.
By purchasing and/or using our Site and its Content in any way or for any reason, you also implicitly agree to our full Disclaimer which may be found on this Site.

Indemnification, Limitation of Liability and Release of Claims Indemnification
You agree at all times to defend, indemnify and hold harmless our Corporation, as well as any of our affiliates, agents, contractors, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, joint venture partners, successors, transferees, assignees, and licensees, as applicable, from and against any and all claims, cautilizes of action, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to our Site, its Content or your breach of any obligation, warranty, representation or covenant set forth in these T&C or in any other agreement with us.

Limitation of Liability.
We will not be held responsible or liable in any way for the information, products or materials that you request or receive through or on our Site and its Content. We do not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, harm, loss, damage, death, lost profits, personal or business interruptions, misapplication of information, physical or mental disease, condition or issue, or otherwise, due to any act or default of anyone or any business, whether owners, staff, agents, joint venture partners, contractors, vendors, affiliates or otherwise, affiliated with us. We do not assume liability for any owners, staff, agents, joint venture partners, contractors, vendors, affiliates, or otherwise who are engaged in rendering our Site or its Content, in any way or any location. If you utilize our Site and its Content or any other information provided by us or affiliated with us, we assume no responsibility.

Release of Claims.
In no event will we be liable to any party for any type of direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable or consequential damages for any utilize of or reliance on our Site and its Content, or on those affiliated with us in any way, and you hereby release us from any and all claims; including, without limitation, those related to lost profits, personal or business interruptions, personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information, or any other loss, physical or mental disease, condition or issue, or otherwise, even if we are expressly advised of the possibility of such damages or difficulties.

Your Conduct
You are agreeing that you will not utilize our Site or its Conduct in any way that cautilizes or is likely to cautilize the Site, Content, or access to them to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way. You understand that you are solely responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from your computer to this Site and its Content and to us.

You agree to only purchase goods or services for yourself or for another person for whom you are legally permitted to do so or for whom you have obtained the express consent to provide their name, address, method of payment, credit card number, and billing information.

You agree to be financially responsible for all purchases made by you or someone acting on your behalf through the Site or its Content. You agree to utilize the Site and its Content for legitimate, non-commercial purposes only and not for speculative, false, fraudulent, or illegal purposes.

You must utilize the Site and its Content for lawful purposes only. You agree that you will not utilize the Site or its Content in any of the following ways:

  • For fraudulent purposes or in connection with a criminal offense or otherwise carry out any unlawful activity
  • To send, utilize or re-utilize any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent, harmful, defamatory, obscene or menacing, threatening, objectionable, invasive of privacy, in breach of confidence, infringing of any intellectual property rights, or that may otherwise injure others
  • To send, negatively impact, or infect our Site or its Content with software virutilizes or any other harmful or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings, or any spam, whether intended or not
  • To cautilize annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety
  • To impersonate any third party or otherwise mislead as to the origin of your contributions
  • To reproduce, duplicate, copy or resell any part of our Site or its Content in a way that is not in compliance with these T&C or any other agreement with us.

Online Commerce
Certain sections of the Site or its Content may allow you to make purchases from us or other merchants. If you make a purchase from us on or through our Site or its Content, all information obtained during your purchase or transaction and all of the information that you give as part of the transaction, such as your name, address, method of payment, credit card number, and billing information, may be collected by both us, the merchant, and our payment processing company.

Your participation, correspondence, or business dealings with any affiliate, individual, or company found on or through our Site, all purchase terms, conditions, representations, or warranties associated with payment, refunds, and/or delivery related to your purchase, are solely between you and the merchant. You agree that we shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, refunds, or other matters of any sort incurred as the result of such dealings with a merchant.

Payment processing companies and merchants may have privacy and data collection practices that are different from ours. We have no responsibility or liability for these independent policies of the payment processing companies and Merchants. In addition, when you make certain purchases through our Site or its Content, you may be subject to the additional terms and conditions of a payment processing company, Merchant, or us that specifically apply to your purchase. For more information regarding a Merchant and its terms and conditions that may apply, visit that merchant’s Site and click on its information links or contact the Merchant directly.

You release us, our affiliates, our payment processing company, and merchants from any damages that you incur, and agree not to assert any claims against us or them, arising from your purchase through or utilize of our Site or its Content.

Payment Terms

You agree to pay the fees, in such amount and for such billing frequency as specified during registration, in full before any obligation of the Corporation to perform under this Agreement. You further agree that, upon registering for the services through the Site, you authorize Corporation to charge your method of payment (e.g. credit card) for the fee on each anniversary of your registration date, based upon your billing frequency (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually).

Payment of the fees shall be in such amounts and at such times as set forth by the Corporation through information provided to you and as authorized through the sign-up and registration process. Your account and access to the services provided via the Site may be suspended in the event of non-payment of applicable fees. You represent and warrant to the Corporation that such payment information is accurate and that you are authorized to utilize the payment instrument. You will promptly update your account information with any modifys (for example, a modify in your billing address or credit card expiration date) that may occur.
30-day Cancellation Policy 

We require a 30-day cancellation notice. This helps us finish any open tickets and tasks for a clean and clear closure. Schedule an exit interview with your account manager.

Upon cancellation, you will continue to have access to the Corporation services through the end of your paid billing term. The Corporation may modify its fees from time to time by posting the modifys on the Site with 5 days prior notice but with no advance notice required for temporary promotions or reductions in fees.

Outsourcing Pro Membership: 2-Month Pause Period Guidelines

At Outsourcing Pro, we recognize the occasional need for a hiatus within your membership. We are delighted to offer a structured 2-month pause period, enabling you to maintain your existing subscription rate. It’s imperative to note that this pause provision should be judiciously utilized and reserved primarily for unforeseen circumstances. 

Disruption in task execution and project continuity can impede your productivity and sales trajectory.

This 2-month pause privilege is applicable once per calendar year from your initial sign-up date. 

For further assistance, we encourage you to reach out to your designated client care/project manager to arrange a discussion. Effective communication is pivotal in ensuring optimal collaboration, and your satisfaction remains our paramount concern. 

Functionality of the 2-Month Pause Period:

  1. Advance Notice: Kindly provide a 30-day notice preceding your intended pause duration. Should an immediate pause be necessary, promptly contact your client care/project manager.
  2. Payment Suspension: Outsourcing Pro will suspend payment collection for the specified 2-month period. Post the pause duration, automatic payment processing will resume accordingly.
  3. Notification: Regular email notifications will be dispatched to remind you about the impending resumption of your Outsourcing Pro membership.
  4. Resumption Coordination: Upon your return, reconnect with your client care/project manager to streamline the recommencement of your tasks and projects.

Your satisfaction and seamless experience with Outsourcing Pro remain our priority, and we aim to facilitate a productive and supportive partnership.


You may request a refund after 60 days of signing up for any new subscription plan.
If you are not happy with the service or the final product after those first 60 days, we will not charge you anything. You can avail of a 100% refund under the following cases:

If you are not happy with the service, you will be required to give Outsourcing Pro members five chances of revisions on a single task. Sometimes there is a miscommunication about the customers’ needs and wants. Our marketers are always happy to adjust the service based on your expectations.

If you are not happy with the service, you will be required to connect with your account manager via Zoom calls at least 4 times during the 60 days to explain what is going on so that they can help train your Outsourcing Pro members to work with you better becautilize working with you is different than how other clients want to work with their Outsourcing Pro members.

If you are not happy with the service, you will be required to jump on Maxine’s weekly group calls at least 4 times during the 60 days to get assistance in teaching you how to work with your Outsourcing Pro team.

If you are not happy with the service, after you speak with your account manager will be required to request to be put on a different Outsourcing Pro team becautilize people and personalities are not always a fit.

If you are not satisfied with our service, you will be required to provide us with valid reasons for your displeasure via a zoom call.*

To process a refund you must stay with us for a minimum of 60 days. That gives enough time for us to learn how you like to work with your Outsourcing Pro team, and you learn how to best utilize your Outsourcing Pro members. (Hiring anyone is a process and if you give up and don’t give the process a chance then you will not receive a refund).

**You would lose the copyright of the final product (design) and you would be requested to not utilize it for any official or non-official purposes.

Promotions, upgrades, and adjustments to existing plans are non-refundable.

You, the client, are responsible for using the Corporation’s services after payment is received.


We hold the right in our sole discretion to refutilize or terminate your access to the Site and its Content, in full or in part, at any time without any notice. In the event of cancellation or termination, you are no longer authorized to access the part of the Site or Content affected by such cancellation or termination.
The restrictions imposed on you in these T&Cs concerning the Site and its Content will still apply now and in the future, even after termination by you or us.
If you have any questions about these T&Cs, please contact us at [email protected].